KCU Climate Study


What is a climate study and why is it important?

At KCU, we seek to create an environment characterized by openness, fairness and equal access for all members of our campus community. A welcoming and inclusive campus climate is grounded in mutual respect, open dialogue and civil interaction, and is one of the foundations of our educational model. Creating and maintaining a community environment that respects individual needs, abilities and potential is critically important. 

To that end, during 2018-19, KCU is undertaking an important climate assessment to inform positive, lasting changes that will help create a more inclusive campus. To ensure full transparency and provide a more complete perspective, we have contracted with Rankin & Associates Consulting to help lead this effort. Rankin & Associates has conducted more than 190 campus climate assessment projects over the last 20 years. A team from Rankin & Associates is working with a committee of students, staff and faculty from KCU to develop and implement the assessment. 


What is our timeline?

This initiative will include five primary phases, including focus groups (fall 2018), survey development (fall 2018), survey implementation that will seek input from all students, faculty, and staff (spring 2019), and reporting of results (fall 2019). 


What will we do with the results?

Results will help us both develop programs and policies that will increase inclusivity in areas that are shown to be problematic, and enhance and replicate programs and policies in areas that are shown to be successfully meeting the needs of the community. We believe that a healthy campus climate, generally, equates to successful outcomes. This includes positive educational experiences and healthy identity development for students, productivity and a sense of value for faculty and staff, and well-being for all.